Olivia Joffrey

Olivia Joffrey tells a story through dresses. Our collection of refined leisurewear for women finds inspiration in mid-century Spain via California, and the imprint on both of these places on Olivia's adventurous mother. Our mission is to create elegant, seasonless clothes that delight the senses and simplify the art of dressing. We speak to a woman who values a polished look, but wants it with ease; she is a woman devoted to a life well-lived in her choice of leisure pursuits from surfing to reading to entertaining. How she dresses is an extension of her vivaciousness, curiosity and joie de vivre.

Olivia Joffrey was raised by two native New Yorkers in a California beach house full of books and records. Her eponymous collection is both a love letter to Andalusia, and her mother -- a former stage actress whose expatriate years in mid-century Spain flavored her personal style. With the collection, Olivia seeks to share with women the liberation of a chic, effortless dress – one that inspires a life of more joy and passion pursuits and minimal time deliberating in one’s closet.