Josephine Alexander

Josephine Alexander Collective was born from founder Kelly Rooney's love of travel, style and culture. Named after her three kids, it's a culmination of all her passions. The collection is a socially responsible line of accessories handmade my craft artisans around the world and created by local Kelly Rooney.

Born into an international family, she grew up seeing the World. Her sense of fashion was deeply influenced by the beauty, colors and culture she experienced growing up. She has witnessed firsthand the poverty and struggles of people in developing countries, and knows the deep impact a stable job can have.

An integral part of our mission here at Josephine Alexander Collective is to provide beautiful, unique pieces of fashion that come with a soul. Kelly is committed to curating her favorite pieces during her travels as well as working with craft artisans in different countries, collaborating with them to infuse her own sense of design into their creations resulting in a piece unique to our brand.

When you buy from Josephine Alexander Collective, you are helping provide a secure and stable form of income for these artisans.

Not only do we focus on making a deep impact on people’s lives, we also want to make sure we keep our footprint light. We use recycled material for our boxes, tags and labels, and our plastic bags are fully compostable and biodegradable.