Jed is an eclectic women’s lifestyle brand founded in 2015 by partners Jed Krascella and Ashley Leeds. The brand vision grew out of a desire to present an alternative, younger, unprejudiced point-of-view about the classic luxury category, infusing it with a sense of joy, a love of faraway places and cultures, and a personal graphic sensibility. 

We envision the brand as an inclusive, ECLECTIC LUXURY EMPORIUM offering a broad range of product categories across multiple price tiers, firmly believing that luxury today exists on many levels — products and experiences from the humble to the divine, from the rare to the rustic.  We celebrate these many forms of beauty and craftsmanship, and proudly juxtapose them with wit and style.

Sweatersmithing is the core of the brand. Sweaters are our great passion, and we focus on cashmere, celebrating its unique place in history, long lifespan and tradition of unparalleled luxury. The offering is rounded out by seasonless weights in silk heather and cotton/cashmere blends, as well as historic luxury novelties such as camelhair and kid mohair. Haberdasher shirtings have been added as a compliment to our sweaters, as well as ranges of printed and knitted accessories, jewelry and home.