Cousin is a boutique line of leather sandals designed in New York City by two shoe-obsessed cousins.

Custom Sandals

Cousin sandals embody a detailed simplicity, conveying the distinctive look of footwear from the 1970s and 1980s, and built to withstand heavy tread in urban environments. Cousin designed their sandals to consider the variety of shapes and silhouettes of a woman’s foot - so there’s always a sandal style for you. Cousin products are well-crafted, classically beautiful, and their minimal style is a homage to the history and social significance of footwear.

Artisan Design

Created by Florida-native, NYC-living cousins Arden Sherman and Jessie Jenkins, art curator and designer, respectively, Cousin is inspired by the city, the sun, vintage fashion, and family love.

Family Owned Manufacturing

Cousin is proudly manufactured in León, Mexico, at family-owned and operated factories where all employees receive fair pay and work regular hours. León is referred to as “the shoe capital of the world” because of the concentration of skilled artisans, quality leathers, and recognized shoe producers. Cousin is a boutique brand built with a team of makers, designers, friends, and supporters, and together we can make footwear that is supreme in quality and made with love.